step 1

initial consultation

The initial consultation is the essential first step in your rehabilitation process. Our consultations are designed to comprehensively assess a person's current ability to commence physical activity and motivate them to achieve their health and well-being goals.

Identify your key goals, discuss your motivations and establish your S.M.A.R.T goals
Comprehensive medical history, musculoskeletal and anthropometric assessments
Assess your current ability and readiness to exercise
Identity your exercise barriers, behaviours and areas of your lifestyle limiting your progress!
Delivery of your personalized intervention, including exercise strategy, education and plan!
You will be blown away by our Accredited Exercise Physiologist's high level of service and comprehensive, friendly, professional approach.

step 2

1-on-1 rehabilitation

Your personalized ongoing rehabilitation program designed, implemented and supervised 1-on-1 by an accredited exercise physiologist. Experience the B+R difference

Zac and Eddie are both highly trained, professional, dedicated and caring EPs who collaboratively develop and deliver an individual program that lets us reach and maintain our goals in a large, modern, fully equipped gym

Carol P, Zac P

I have been on journey to well-being with Eddie for the past 3 years, for my own sense of well-being. Being a busy working mum with 2 teenagers I can’t express how much I treasure and cherish my ‘me-time’ working out. Eddie makes it enjoyable, he has so much enthusiasm and genuine passion for what he does that he has made it easy for me to embrace the challenge and for the first time in my life actually enjoy the gym and stick to it! Thank you Eddie for helping me!

Lisa B

Eddie is a great guy all round and I can’t recommend him enough to anyone who wants to get on track with their health goals.

Shane S

I just wanted to thank you so much for the great exercise program you are working with Kate on. She seems to be going so well and I love seeing the photos and hearing the enthusiastic reports.

Dianna H

Eddie Ross
Eddie Ross
Eddie Ross

I have several chronic health conditions including Crohn’s Disease and Lupus which make exercise very challenging. I first came to Zac because I had a serious ACL tear (amongst other knee damage) and I wanted to give soccer one more try – I had been told I could never play again and I wanted to say I had given it my best shot before I gave it up. Zac developed a training plan, worked with me intensively for 6 months and got me back into the field.

Zac has exceptional skills in being able to develop workouts that cater for health problems, including pain management. Zac has great judgement about when to support me to push myself further and when to hold me back from doing too much. Zac is able to always provide me with scientific reasons and evidence for particular workout requirements or approaches.

Zac has a warm professional approach which make the work outs enjoyable and productive. Zac gives me hope that I can achieve any exercise goal and keeps me motivated at times when even walking from one room to another is too difficult.

Zac is always punctual and organised and demonstrates a can-do attitude towards any problem. If you are looking for someone who is knowledge, adaptable, understanding and down-to-earth – then you should book in to see Zac

Gina H

Eddie has changed my life, I had a shocking accident and was in so much pain. I now love exercising. Eddie is such a positive person helping me move forward, I am so grateful.

Sharlene T

My son has just started exercise physiology with Eddie, what a great guy. Unflappable, easy to talk to and very knowing!

Haylee M


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step 3

group exercise physiology

Your rehabilitation is progressing and you require less supervision. Our group exercise physiology classes offer participants a supportive, friendly, team environment for continued progress towards your individual goals.

falls prevention exercise

STrong & stable

An ongoing small group exercise physiology programme, individually tailored to those in need of falls prevention, bone joint strength and gait training.

Fridays 11.00AM - 12.00PM

Zachary Brown


Experience the injury rehabilitation enhancing benefits of exercise physiologist supervised water therapy. An ongoing programme tailored to a wide range of chronic injuries and illnesses in a small group setting.

Wednesdays  12.00PM - 1.00PM

Eddie Ross

t2 diabetes

An 8 week small group exercise physiology programme, tailored to those in need of type 2 diabetes management. Consider your eligibility for complete cover under a Medicare care plan from your GP.

Thursdays 1.00PM - 2.00PM

Zachary Brown


An ongoing small group exercise physiology prog​ramme tailored to those in need of chronic hypertension management. Includes regular individual BP monitoring. Take control of your blood pressure!

Wednesdays 11.00AM - 12.00PM

Zachary Brown

stay active

An ongoing small group exercise physiology prog​ramme individually tailored to those in need of chronic injury/illness management and exercise physiologist supervision.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 11.00AM - 12.00PM

Zachary Brown